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  • Call Diversion to anywhere in the world via VOIP free of charge
London Center

Our Virtual London Office Service is the best deal you will find. We offer unique benefits that no other service provider offers

Our two most popular packages are:

1)  infiniOffice Global:

     Cost £50 per month this includes:

  • Central London 0207 phone number
  • Central London 0207 Fax number
  • Massive 500 GB of secure online storage.
  • 100 calls per month answered by live operator free of cost
  • Free VOIP Phone
  • Free call forwarding to Skype or to VOIP phone provided by us.
  • Free fax forwarding via fax to email conversion
  • Nominal cost for call forwarding to mobiles and landlines, worldwide.
  • Prestigious central London mailing address on Harley Street
  • Mail Forwarding with postage cost only
  • Scanning of postal mail into your infiniOffice account
  • All our services can be accessed and controlled by Web Control Panel powered by infiniOffice

               The Web Control Panel allows you to:

    • Play phone messages
    • View Faxes
    • View the scanned copy of your postal mail.
    • Change phone diversion numbers
    • Change mail diversion address
    • Top up your wallet (used for transactional services)

Transactional services are:

  • Mails are forward at cost of postage stamps or courier charge. No extra charges apply.
  • Our phone forwarding costs are similar to Skype tariff. For full details please consult our tariff table.

For more details about infiniOffice Global, click here

2) infiniOffice Mail Only:

 Cost is £25 per month. It includes all the services of infiniOffice 500, except:

  • Central London 0207 phone number
  • Central London 0207 Fax number
For more details about infiniOffice (Mail Only), click here

Additional services:

Other Services offered by the London Center include :

Conference room hire £25 per hour – 35 pe rhour + vat
Video conferencing £150 per hour
Administrative support £15 per hour – 50 per hour

Typical costs for setting up in London Center are:

  • For 3 months: Cost is £250 Which includes (£100 setup + 3 x £50 monthly rental )
  • For 6 months: Cost is £370 Which includes (£100 setup + 6 x £50 monthly rental - 10% discount )
  • For 12 months: Cost is £550 Which includes (£100 setup + 12 x £50 monthly rental -25% discount )

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